2 mins to change ur life


There is a link between levels of cortisol in the body and the stress we go thru. And similarly when we are in a happy state, there is an increase of testosterone in the body.

Our body language also reflects how we feel. When we are stressed, we are in a more closed posture. And when we are feeling happier our body opens up.

A recent study, took samples of saliva of a stressed person, and noted the high levels of cortisol in the system, then asked them to sit in a power posture for two minutes. Surprisingly the level of cortisol in the persons body had diminished drastically.

In ho’oponopono and other spiritual practices, there is a meditation, where one imagines love and gratitude surging throughout the entire body. This ideally should be done as soon as one wakes up in the morning.

Spiritualists, suggest that we are in a field of thoughts. and this kind of meditation takes our consciousness from this field of thoughts and stimulates a sense of love pervading our entire being. This then pushes the body to produce the necessary hormones to reduce stress and promote a sense of well being and happiness.

Remember, a problem is not a problem. Lack of a solution to a problem is the problem. And when the mind can be calm, then the solution that’s perfect for it for that moment will show up.

Go into zero (void) and infinity will flow thru you.