A problem that Socrates faced

They say a problem well stated is a problem half solved.

When you say “I don’t know” to the point you truly believe it, you go into a void. A state of zero where you are filled with what is right for you for that moment.

But the problem lies here. When you look at a situation that you think you know very well, and say “I don’t know”, just as Socrates said, many things happen internally on a conscious level.

But lets state this one thing in the hopes of making peace with it, so as to get the full benefit of using the phrase of “I don’t know”.

This place of I don’t know is scary because:

The facts that were of such strong foundations for me become of no use. So I lose the ground on which I stand on. Rendering me weak and confused. And my logical mind goes into a free fall.

I state this in the hopes that my logical/rational mind makes peace with this state. Because until it does there will be inner suffering and directionlessness.

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved”
Chris Katcher

Ahmed Salahuddin


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