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My name is Ahmed Salahuddin.

As a child I was brought up by a strong Sunni Muslim family from Kilakarai, from South India. I grew up with a stong emphasis on Sufistic traditions (qadiriyyah tareeqah). The enviroment I was raised in was an enviroment strongly associated with a communal living as well as a business based communtiy. Everything revolved around business 🙂

I grew up with a strong belief that, reflection on, the spiritual aspects of rituals and tradition was the essence to Islamic practice.

My parents migrated from India to Dubai, in 1973. to seek a fortune from an upcoming country. In 1976, I was born in Dubai.

I went to an all Arabic grade, middle and high school where I was the only Indian kid, and was forced to learn and speak Arabic to stop getting bullied 🙂

In 1993 I went to Cleveland Ohio in USA (United States of America) and attended Case Western Reserve University, where I completed a Bachelors degree in Business Management. After completing my degree and graduating in 1997 I then moved back to Dubai to re join the family business. There, I continued to build relations and develop a new business for the company, ETA STAR ASCON.

When I came back to Dubai in 1997, I was involved in various business verticals which included; Real Estate; Agriculture; Event Management; Supply chain management; food and beverage; retail, steel manifacturing and small scaled power generations. I was involved in these verticles until 2010. I focused most of my attention on developing and bulding cement factories under “Star Cement”, a name that i had coined, in the UAE (Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi), Bangladesh (Munshigunj), Sudan (Port Sudan), Bahrain (Hidd) and Yemen (Aden) between the years of 1999-2008. During this time, I also spent time on a coal mine in mozambique and a palm oil plantation in Sarawak, Malaysia. The business also gave me the chance to travel far and wide.

In 2008 I was then approached by the Chairman of Etisalat to become a board member of Etisalat India where I served on board until 2012.

In 2010 we had an offer to sell the cement facories I had developed, for a price of 380 million US Dollars, which the company was happy to sell it at. With that decision, I helped with the process of selling Star Cement.

After selling off Star Cement, I wanted to add another skill set to my previous set of skills and so I began to self teach stock and derivatives trading in the stock market. I continue to trade till date.

In 2010 I stumbled upon Ho’o pono pono. The process of looking within oneself for solutions rather than looking externally. Since discovering this practice I try to practice it moment to moment to discover “Thyself”. The Process of Ho’o pono pono is the same process as the concept of Islamic Jihad al nafs. Which is the reflection of the inner self rather than the outer, so that whatever is perfect for us at that moment, appears to us.

The process also opened up new worlds of science, ancient history, spirituality across religions, ayahuasca, Hinduism, sumerian civilisation, holotropric breathwork, Buddhism, and even Atheism, philosophy, fractal geometry and sacred geometry. I was fascinated by all. And inspired by Nassim, Graham Hancock and Zacharia, I visited Jerusalem explored the temple mount and surroundings. I was happy to have completed the three most important places in Islamic Tradition : Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem.

I also have a very strong belief that a relationship with oneself and god is a very personal relationship, and should be treated as such. It is my express view that no-one has the right to judge the other in their relationship with god.

Just as I would not like anyone asking me what rituals i practice, I too don’t ask others about their rituals that they practice.

I have been observing from a young age the gap between the ritual and spiritual and scientific world. But as a seeker, I am able to see the gap bridging. And I probably will continue seeing till the day I die. And hopefully after i die, i dont have to look anymore 🙂

Happy reading and remember to breath,

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Ahmed Salahuddin.


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  1. Sir
    Your living style and modesty has helped you to find inner peace and success in life.Iam hunting to quench my thirst of being a business man.While exploring for ideas,Google ended me in this page.This added more to my inspiration.
    Provide me encouragement and motivTion to reach towards success.

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