The Amygdala:

Man Arafa Nafsahu Arafa Rabbahu

One who knows himself Knows his God

Ive written a few times before how your behavior is a function of many different things. the ground below you, the sky above you. the radiation from around you.

So as a practice, I try moment to moment, to ask divinity for a process of cleansing whats within me to be able to deal with the Now. there are many ways and tools like Ha breathing, and we can talk about that later. other than the ground and the sky, a very important organ in your body decides your actions. In a previous article, i had posted a video, wherein an experiment reveals that the sub conscious decides even before the conscious mind decides on what decision to take. all the time. the sub conscious is also what controls your hormones. and all your organs. all the involuntary muscles. muscles which you cannot consciously control. So u could be in worst possible place ever, but if the right hormones are released in your system, you can feel anywhere between calmness, peacefulness, anxitety, depression, worry, happiness, extreme happiness, etc etc This is more prominent with people who have depression, or hysteria, or bi polar disease. and as was popularized in the tamil world with the movie 3 (moonu). whether we suffer from this or not, all human beings have an organ called the amygdala. The Amygdala, is the fight or flight organ in our body. It tells us either to flee from a situation, or fight in a situation. and it sets the stage for many of our different actions that follows after a reaction. simple example: Someone on the street, taunts you, your brain processes this information, and then ur amygdala decides that you should either fight or flee from this situation. So if it had decided to fight, you could have raised your voice to this person, you would have walked up to this person, your muscles would have tensed, you would have sworn at this person. So u can see, how the amygdala, basically decided the course of action and events that will next take place. Simple 🙂 another example, someone working for you says he is not well, Your Amygdala now can either click into fight mode, or not do nothing. if it goes into fight mode, then u say “i dont believe you” or you could hold animosity to this person when you next see them. When YOu talk to him, you talk thinking he is a liar. Now then imagine what is the consequence for this guy. So u can see how a simple click of an organ can change many many things around you. Also, these reactions are for very very small insignificant things as well that can trigger many different reactions in the body. Ive just highlighted it for more prominent examples. But the main problem is this, The Conscious mind and subconscious mind are constantly absorbing information from its surrounding. every single moment. You walk in to a room, immediately u know the colors of the walls, the ceiling, who is there, what is smell of the room etc etc But here is the thing, the Conscious mind absorbs only about 40 bits of information per sec. 40 b/s the subconscious mind is absorbing 15 MILLIONS bits of information per second. 15,000,0000 b/s. and your body is reacting to that 15 million bits of information per second. your conscious mind cannot even come close to analyzing that much of data. Which is why people like socrates said “The one thing i know very well is that, I dont know” or as said in arabic, Allahu Alam. So a moment to moment of asking divinity for guidance, is a process of cleansing what reaction is going on within you and a process of asking divinity to clean and to put in into our blue print what is right for us for the moment. Ive attached a picture of the amygdala here.

Ahmed Salahuddin


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