Interesting to see how Hindu mythology describes the interaction of nature with each other.

And how Sumerian mythology “enuma elish” talks about the forming of our solar system using their اثنا عشر ككب.

12 kakkab. Or twelve deities. 12 celestial entities.

Apsu, Tiamat, Marduk, etc…

In Arabic, it’s said “اثنا عشر كوكب”

As what was said by Joseph to his father Jacob.

The location of Joseph was very close to Sumerian areas. And the surrounding areas were highly influenced by Sumerian teachings.

Jerusalem, uru – city of, shelem – Canaanite deity

This Canaanite deity I’m told was borrowed from the Hitite tribe, who borrowed it from the Sumerians.


Perhaps the human’s way of looking at characteristic of elements and different matters

Ahmed Salahuddin

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