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They have now come up with the Higgs boson particle, which is considered the smallest building block of all matter.

This is until a bigger collider is built and then a smaller particle is then discovered.

Going back to the atom, and if we enlarge it to the size of a football stadium, the nucleus would be the size of a blue berry right in the center of that football stadium. Just imagine a ball (sphere) the size of the football stadium, the nucleus is a blue berry at the center of that sphere. Now Higgs boson particle is a really really small particle compared to even the nucleus of an atom. But lets stick to the atom. So this means the atom is 99.999999 percent empty space. So this also means we who have the atom as our building block are 99.99999 percent empty space. If we say god is everywhere and is infinite in nature. Space, which makes up 99.9999 percent of atoms, or even the universe, seems to be everywhere and infinite quanity. Space has no form. Yet it is space which defines matter rather than matter defining space. A mutual friend, nassim haramein, revealed in a physics conference, that if u take the mass and volume of plancks constant. What’s plancks constant? Plancks constant is the smallest size as was decided by the physics society. The size of it is a zero with decimal and then some more than 30 zeros followed by a number. So it’s in nassims words, teeeny weeeeny beeeeeny, size of a particle. Now if u take the plancks constant particle and fill up a cubic centimeter of empty space…..u would have the density of the known universe fit in into that empty cubic centimeter of space and still have more than 60 percent of that space still empty. Space, nothing, vacuum, void. I am the I, I come forth from the void into light, I am the breath that nurtures life, I am that emptiness, the hollowness Beyond all consciousness, The I, the Id, the all, I draw my bow of rainbows Across the waters, The continuum of mind with matters, I am the incoming and outgoing of breath, The invisible, untouchable breeze, The undefinable atom of creation, I am the I

Ahmed Salahuddin

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