Being grateful blah blah blah!

If our body has 50 trillion plus cells and our brain is the government that rules those 50 trillion cells.

Lets first ask after looking at these two:

أن بدنك عليك حق

Your body has rights over you

حيث ما انتم تولون

The way you are, that is how you will be ruled.

The question is, what are we feeding our cells? Acidic items that will slowly age the body, and make even the white blood cells sick.

Why are white blood cells so important? They have the ability to heal the body from within. They carefully maneuver and go to the problem areas in the body and devours them!

So coming back to the first question, are we making the body acidic or are we making the body more alkaline.

Acid to alkaline spectrum is 0 to 14

Water is ph neutral. And naturally our body at birth, when we are in fitra, more in tune with our intuition, is in an alkaline state.

So water scores 7 on the ph scale. And slightly alkaline is 7.3.

So have we done that part of our duty to the body. The body has an identity. And it will surely ask!

Second question:

70 percent of our thoughts in a day are negative. It doesn’t matter if we are in a good environment. If we are In a bad environment then even higher than 70 percent.

So, second question, when 7 out of our ten thoughts are going to be bad, or 700 out of our 1000 thoughts for the day are gonna be bad, are we gonna choose to believe that thought or……….here is a story 🙂

So my friend had a total of 1 million dollars in assets and he lost about 700,000 dollars of that in the real estate market and selling of goods into the middle east. He panicked and he got upset. And he felt really really bad. He felt extremely depressed.

So We had a chat, and I told him “I’m sure your under a lot of stress. But remember its important to stay alive and keep your health.” “And stress will increase your bodies acidic levels, so do deep breathing or meditation with deep breathing, because the latest study shows, that people under deep meditation lowered their bodies acidic levels within a few hours.”

So my friend said, what the hell not, it’s probably better than jumping off a bridge!

He called me a few hours later, he said “I’m feeling calm, but my logical mind was still fighting me. Saying no matter how calm you are, you still lost 70 percent of your total savings” then he said the most remarkable thing happened, “ahmed, while just breathing deep, a thought came into my head “yes ok, you have lost a lot of money, and will take you a really long time to get back, but imagine at this moment you had lost a hand instead, what would bother you more, the loss of hand or the loss of the money, or are you willing to give up your hand for the money””

And he said “ahmed, I’ve heard this many times from others, to be grateful blah blah blah, but then when it hit me within my head and with full realization, I said this is great”

“And, I found another way out to solve my troubles, and it was always in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t see it”

Whenever I have trouble with my thoughts, I think back to this story.

Take care (of yourself)

Ahmed Salahuddin

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