Belief and Logic


As inspired by my niece Rifa. I keep telling her I’m actually her father. She won’t believe any of it ๐Ÿ˜€

So my niece said “I have a friend who has an article that needs to be written about this question: “will logic and reasoning take you out of belief and faith?” ” and then she said “as u seem to be able to ramble about this and that, so can you ramble about this topic, so she can finish her article”

And one thing everyone knows about me, I love rambling about non sensical things!

So I said “sure, let me have a chat with your friend on Skype”

This was my answer to Rifa’s friend:

“So the question is, can we be in belief and faith and still be logical and rational. Now lets take a doctor, who has studied for many years and has further worked for, lets say, 25 years as a person who treats cancer patients mainly with chemo therapy. Now comes a long another doctor from Italy. This doctor from Italy claims that cancer is only a fungal growth in the system and with an alkaline diet and washing the tumor cells internally with bi carbonate of soda the problem can be rectified. And this doctor has evidence to show how his system actually works.

What would be the reaction of the other doctor? Also forgot to mention, this Italian doctor has been dis barred by the medical association of Italy and he is no longer a licensed doctor by the Italian board.

Now is this Italian doctor no longer a doctor because the Italian board does not recognize him as a doctor.

This guy, has come to a conclusion that his style of healing can be done through his rational discoveries. But how does that make him lose his faith and belief in the medical profession or the medical board or medicine?

So please think about that to answer your question”

I could hear my niece’s friend typing away on the other side, and she said “thank you!”

Poor girl had to submit the paper the next day, and had more stuff from me now to write! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ahmed Salahuddin

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