Beyond Time


Beyond time

It’s easy for someone to be beyond time.

Very simple anyone can do it.

U will need:

5 laptops or computers
5 movies of different people. One from the year 1989, another from the year 1997, and another from 2007, 2009, 2010.
Each movie should be loaded into a laptop.

Play all simultaneously.

So how are you beyond time.

Well your beyond time in respect to the movies your watching. Each one of those movies happened in a different year to the other. So you are able to watch a different time to yours, so ur in another time or beyond the movies time.

Now if you play all the movies, you can be observing all the different times. Meaning different times, but at the same time. To be clearer, ur watching the videos of ’89,’97,’07,’09,’11 all at the same time, and ur not part of that time.

So our time, need not be seen as a linear element to the observer beyond all observers who exists beyond our time.

Because the observer can watch it again and again. It’s circular.

Khalaqakum min nafsin wahidatin

We are from one soul. All of us from one soul. The body may be several. But the soul from one soul.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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