Cleaning the nose with water


The process of washing the nose during wudu

My friend abdul Malik writes “the practice of flushing the Nose with water during wudu, is a great cleansing process. The same was practiced by yogis in india and with salt. So along with being a spiritual practice, it has a lot of cleaning effect on the nose thru which we inhale and exhale our life force. Oxygen.

The practices of Muslims had deep physical cleaning as well as spiritual cleaning. And with physical cleaning comes naturally spiritual cleaning.

So it’s important to realize the chemical composition of water what was used by the Muslim or by the Hindus during their time and not our time.

The salt that was used by the Hindus was mineral rich salt. So pls compare the nutrients it had to the table salt we use now. So the good replacement would be sea salt or mineral rich rock salt or other varieties and not nutrition less and just iodized table salt.

Similarly with the wudu practice of Muslims, the water then used by Muslims was mineral rich water from under ground.

All these minerals whether the salt or the water helped in alkalizing the nasal passage. And de acidified the tract. And it’s clear science today, that bacteria and germ thrive in an acid rich environment. While an alkaline environment promotes self healing and general well being and a calm disposition towards life.”

Ahmed Salahuddin

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