Dream State


When one is in a dream state, they go about that state unless the conscious is woken up.

People thru practice are able to become conscious in the dream state without awakening from the dream. This is called lucid dreaming. And it’s not very difficult to do. It requires practice. And perhaps 2 weeks of dedicated work.

But the key to it, is that one mustn’t get too excited that they ARE in the dream world. And if they can remain calm, then they can flow thru the dream world and be able to observe whatever needs to be observed.

When a person sleeps, they fluctuate between theta and delta states of sleep.

They are both brain waves. Theta brain waves are at 4 to 7 cycles per second and delta is at 0 to 4 cycles per second.

In the dream state many issues that are unresolved get resolved. Or issues which are hidden very deep in our subconscious is agitated to let it surface. So that it can be put to resolution.

Benefit of lucid dreaming is to expedite issues to be put to resolution.

This is the benefit of the theta state.

The delta state is a deep sleep state. The body does not move much. And the body goes into deep deep relaxation mode. And it’s the delta sleep that rejuvenates the body and helps in the healing process and nourishment.

Some call it the state of void or nothingness. Minimal vibrations.

But both are equally important for the body and the psychology.

So sleep well

Ahmed Salahuddin


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