Fibonacci Vortex

fibonacci spiralAs Above so below:

Fibonacci Sequence and the vortex

Have you seen the galaxiy’s spirals or twisters we experience on this plant, or even the big dot u see on jupiter which is a large storm twister which has lasted for ages.

they all follow the fibonacci sequence, or golden number, or phi ratio.

Walt Disney, founder of Disney, knew about this, and made a cartoon about it using donald duck :). its very informative. when i first asked an inventor and designer of free energy power plants about fibonacci he asked me to watch this:

I think many have seen this: The Kaaba and the golden ratio This is to do with the pyramids and the golden ratio: And nowadays in labs they are trying to integrate the golden ratio into nano particles to come up with whats called Fullarenes. Very strong and resilient bonds, that would make structures even stronger. so u would be more efficient in use of building materials these are just cool videos: 1. 2.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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