Give me sugar! Aaaa!


One week of going alkaline, has made me more clearer about the voices inside!

I’m told that the first time people drink wheatgrass, they feel like vomiting!

And it turns out its because the things inside of us that get rectified by the wheatgrass, protest!

I also decided to not indulge in any sugars including honey except for sugar that comes fruit.

And I started hearing the crankiness within! Feed me sugar! Feed me snickers! If you feed me, I’ll be happy and I won’t let things bother you!

So I decided one day would be bingeing day of the week. And then when I did go crazy on the ice cream and chocolates and the biscuits I wanted to have, I realized that it wasn’t really that great!

And the next day i was on a 600 calorie fast and the craving, for the same chocolates and sweets that did not fulfill me, came back. That’s when I realized that its my thoughts and hype in my head that was greater than the food itself.

Another idea sprung up, my crankiness or happiness was a product of internal issues. And it explained why some of us are extremely cranky during Ramadan. And an issue that seems to be resolvable effortlessly becomes a pain in the back side in Ramadan.

That’s why they say: what is going on within me that I experience life less than perfect and miraculous.


Layers upon layers need peeling!

Ahmed Salahuddin

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