God and Goddess

The right brain is the creative side of us. And the left brain is the logical side of us.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”
Albert Einstein

The intuitive mind is also effeminate (feminine). Some Hindu scholars refer the intuitive mind to the goddess or shakti.

The logic mind is more masculine in nature, and the Hindus look at it as the god (male).

When the conscious mind takes the abstract production of the intuitive mind and combines it with the logic and rationality of the logical mind, this is what some Hindu scholars call the union of the god and the goddess.

If we have all emanated from a point of singularity, then surely we must have characteristics of the singular. If not all aspects of it.

When the marriage of the two takes place, it becomes a very powerful union. Bringing very powerful aspects of us together. And it also promotes the activation of the pineal gland. Which is in the middle of the two sides of our brain.

Pineal gland activation happens most nights when we go to sleep. As most of the day we are subjected to the questions of the rational mind, when we go to sleep we are subjected to the irrational mind (dream). So when the conscious mind observes both aspects, the rational and irrational, the sub conscious mind automatically goes thru a process of new learning, and adjusts accordingly to adapt to the world we live in. And we know today that we are run 95 percent by the sub conscious mind and only 5 percent by our conscious mind.

The picture below represents the male (upward) triangle (or tetrahedron in 3D) and the female (downward facing triangle or tetrahedron in 3D). Its interesting to note the union of the two produces a cube in 3 dimension within.

These are sacred geometry shapes which I have yet to make sense of with both my own rational and irrational thoughts.

When we can observe other cultures and religions and traditions and art and symbology, without judgement, we can grow our ideas bigger. Or at least ask new questions.

The Muslim golden period after the prophet mohammed (alayhi salam) was a period of many discoveries and inventions. And this was possible as the Quran promoted reflective thought. The Quran also paints extremely vivid imagery, to activate your irrational mind.

The prophet mohammed had said “اطلب العلم و لو في الصين”

Seek knowledge even if it is in China. And China at the time of prophet Mohammed was not a monotheistic region. So then why would he have said that? Instead he should have said avoid non monotheistic location when it comes to seeking of knowledge.

Falling in love with oneself, reveals the shadowy and light aspects of one self. “Know thyself”.

The other way to look at it as the Tamil saying goes “manam oru kurangu” the self is like a monkey.

So does one discipline his self aggressively, and suppress the thoughts that emanate from it, or treats it with love and respect, like one would a child? Knowing very well that whatever is fed into this child will grow one day to become its character.

The qalb in Arabic, is the word for heart. Qalb also means “to turn over”. As the famous verse:

“إذ نرى تقلب وجهك في السماء”


Ahmed Salahuddin


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