Gravity of Thought


Itha asabathum museebatun, qaaloo inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

When a problem struck them, they would say, we are god’s, and unto him do we return.

Khalaqna al insaana fee ahsani taqweem. Summa radadnaahu asfala saafileen. Illalladheen aamanoo, wa amilu al salihaati, wa tawasow bil haqqi wa tawasow bissabr.

We created him in the best possible. Then we lowered him to the lowest rung. Except for those who believed, and did good, and remained in the pursuit of the truth, and continued being patient.

In the Quran, god’s prescription for remaining on track is patience. And the belief that we are god’s and unto him we return.

So once someone has complete belief in this. Every time they face a problem, their mind’s reaction changes from why is this happening to me, to a patient self reflection.

There is a joke about Iranian taxi driver I heard long time back “who is more religious an Iranian mullah or an Iranian taxi driver? The answer was the Iranian taxi driver, because when u sit behind him when he is driving, you immediately start praying to god for safety” I’m sure this applies to tourist vehicle drivers in india as well.

Although this is funny, in seriousness it’s problems that push us into a world of patient observance. Problems of all kind. At work, at home, at school, at games etc.

Now one thing We all have experienced: Whenever we are having a good time, time seems to move very fast. But when we are having a tough time with something, then time moves rather slow.

Think of this from another perspective. From the perspective of time and gravity. It’s been proven that time gets slower around heavier objects.

The experiment was simple. They took two synchronized clocks, one was on earth and other was put on a plane and the plane flew at very high altitudes. As in as far as possible from the ground. To lessen the effect of gravity on the secondary clock.

After some time, they noticed the clock on the plane was running slower than the clock on earth.

What this means is if a person was sitting on that plane, this person felt less time had passed compared to the person on earth.

Lets combine these two things together now. Gravity and having a good time or a bad time.

Gravity is an identity. And so is a thought. A thought too has an identity.

When a person has a heavy thought weighing down on them, they feel time moving so slowly. When the person doesn’t have a care in the world, their time seems to whizz by!

So time not only slows down for gravity but also for thoughts depending on how heavy it is on ur mind.

But if it weren’t for these heavy thoughts as the Quran calls it museebah (problems), a process of patient reflection doesn’t have a need to arise.

What does mashallah mean. It doesn’t mean, oh I hope evil eye doesn’t fall on this. It literally means, this is what Allah has willed.

And when an event has transpired, whether good or bad, it is a mashallah situation. “What god had willed“. So accept the problem, as a process of self reflection for oneself.

And the process of juhd (effort) with the Nafs (self) sets in motion an appeal to divinity to be able to see perfection in all that is created around us.

For it weren’t for our subjective mind we would just BE.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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