Have you heard of Crypto Currency?

These are the currencies to watch out for : BitCoin and Ethereum.
But I wonder if it’s better to buy these currencies or mine them.

In the case of bit coins I’m told there are only 20 million in total and 16 million has already been mined. And so the balance of 4 million is going to be really difficult to mine and hence the cost is so high.
In the case of Ethereum, in the pre placement, 16 million are being sold. From what I could make out of the chart, the price started at 3.6 usd per Ethereum and went down as low as .75, and now is up at 7.5 dollars per currency. The currency symbol is ETH. And I’m talking about the ETH/USD pair.

I don’t understand how Ethereum is different to Bitcoin, but one is a ledger (?) and the other is data resources as a value. 

But in both cases, I think it is the GPU that’s used for mining. 

What I would like to do is set up the GPU mining by assembling my own PC with a strong graphics card. And letting it run.

And then test out the hash rate.

Once I’m up and running, and self sufficient (i.e. Selling price of Ethereum – mining cost = net profit) then next id like to set up a mining company where others can send their funds for a return on investment.

That’s the mission and vision statement,