Having a Good Opinion

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Written by Bengt Stendlert


Having good opinion of Allah is from the essentials of Tawheed (believing in the Unity of God), which many people have become heedless of. It is from the attributes of a Believer, in fact it is from the obligations of Tawheed. Having good opinion of Allah Most High is built upon your knowledge of His Mercy, His Pride, His Goodness, His Power, His Knowledge, His superiority of selection as well as your complete reliance upon Him. So if all of these conditions are fulfilled, good opinion of Allah will come to fruition in the heart.

For in the Qudsi Hadith, which was narrated by Abu Hurairah, Allah Most High says:

“I am as my slave thinks of me and I am with him whenever he remembers me.” (Agreed Upon).

In another hadeeth recorded by Muslim, Jaabir narrates that he heard the Prophet (saws) three days before his death as saying:

“Let none of you die without having a good opinion of Allah High and Mighty.”

There is no doubt that having good opinion of Allah is coupled with good actions. Just as having good opinion of Allah is one of the characteristics of a believer, the ill-opinion of Allah and the opinion that does not befit his Majesty is from the characteristics of hypocrites and polytheists who look at Allah with a view of Jaahilyyah (ignorance) and falsehood.

– By Sheikh Abdus-Salaam Zoud –

Question & Answer found on FB relating to this matter:

“What are your thoughts when some Muslims say we are not supposed to be happy in this life because “This world is like prison for the believer, and life is nothing but a test for the Mumin because the hereafter is where we belong”. I find this depressing.”

“Yes, that is depressing, and that is misguidance. Unhappiness now, in this life, is a result of being out of alignment with Truth. Allah did not create us to suffer and somehow earn our way into Paradise through pain and misery, as if human sorrow is currency for akhira. That position is imbalanced and untrue, and continues to ruin many peoples’ lives, misleading them to not take responsibility for their lives. Furthermore, it completely distorts the concept of God into a malevolent and overbearing entity that needs to be appeased with human suffering.

Pain and suffering are symptoms of a problem, namely, a spiritual problem. To simply accept them without realizing they are indications, symptoms of wrong action, is like putting your hand in fire and then not removing it as it burns

The worst type of suffering is suffering with no meaning, no reason. Simple pure suffering. And that is the result of such an ideology. It distorts Islam at every level, as if human beings were created purely to be tortured. What kind of God is that? Surely, not ALLAH, Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem, Al-Wadud, As-Salaam. Certainly not Allah, the God of Light, Love, Mercy, Compassion, Benevolence, Generosity and Peace. That unhealthy position is not based in any real understanding of Allah, but rather an idol created but from primitive human psychology.

The goal of life is to attain happiness. It’s what drives us. Yet the only way one can attain happiness is through spiritual development. To ignore our most basic inclination is to negate the spiritual path itself. No development thus can take place. And we waste not only our own lives, but end up setting wrong models for our children.

What does any parent want for their children? Happiness. Is not Allah’s love for His creation “seventy times more than a mother for her child”? What does Allah want for his creation? Happiness.

And so He gave us the gift of Islam, to lead us to happiness. Yet a wrong understanding and approach will lead us to its opposite, to suffering.

The ego usurps every tool for its own uses, especially religion. Devils pray on human suffering.

Suffice it to say, our choices lead us to either happiness or suffering. Every day, we have an indication of where our choices thus far have led us. And God, in His infinite mercy, provides us tens of thousands of days, chances, to get it right, before the Final Day.

The goal of Islam leads to a state in which Allah describes in the Qur’an as wilayah, and such as who have attained as “who neither fear nor grieve.”

Paradise, Heaven, first and foremost must manifest in our souls, in our hearts. Only then will we realize it on the external level, whether in dunya or akhirah.

To clarify, I do not mean to say the hadith is depressing, but rather a particular interpretation of it.”

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