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True calling

Some believe that the universe or even the multi verse is all connected. Some others believe its all a load of balogne.

Lets entertain the thought, for the time being, that whatever you do has no consequence whatsoever. You are not gonna do anything good for the greater good or nothing bad for the greater bad.

After all, from the perspective of the entire universe, your actions are too infinitesimal. For that matter, if the entire planet earth exploded, in comparison, it would be smaller than the death of a cell in the human body.

We are teeny weeeny beeeny particles in the universe. If I decided tomorrow to save the entire world, it still wouldn’t matter to the universe. The universe wouldn’t care if planet earth becomes dust. It has another trillion planet earth like planets.

So it all boils down to you!

Where do we go from here? Should I drop ambitions of being the best person in the whole world. Or the biggest villain. I’m not gonna make any difference, then what’s the point?

You have one obligation for sure. To stay conscious. To be alive. As soon as you were born, u started breathing. Then when you wanted attention you cried. Of course you also made cute expressions prompting people to take pictures of you.

Who run these processes? Breathing, digestion, electrical and chemical and neurological functions within you? Who is the driving force?

Is it the same driving force that also puts ideas in your head.

Well till a certain age, society and parents and family and school put ideas in my head. But at a certain point, variations and combinations of those ideas started showing and propping up in my head. Who is responsible for that. I wasn’t even an adult then.

Rumi has nice sayings here:

So whether I have a responsibility to save the world or let it go to hell, first and foremost responsibility was and is self preservation.

To breathe.
As my friend said, you can stay alive with out water or food or sun light for a few days, but without breathing? You wouldn’t last beyond a few minutes.

Then you start looking at what makes you happy. What makes you sad. Again being true to yourself.

You didn’t breathe for someone else. Then why try to do anything for someone else.

A famous quranic quote:
إن أحسنتم أحسنتم لأنفسكم وإن أسأتم فلها

If you did well (or good) you did it for yourself, and if you did bad then you did bad for yourself.

So when you do something good for someone, the act of doing that good pleases you. And so you are happy. Or the experience of seeing someone happy makes you happy. And the same applies for bad.

So your doing things to please yourself?!

Man you must be selfish! 🙂

Well whether you class yourself as selfish or not, your body is extremely selfish. It takes care of only it’s own digestion and not your neighbors. Your heart beat, and not your father’s or your child’s.

So in fulfilling your inner desires you find fulfillment. Whether your inner desire is taking care of your loved ones or working on that project that you so much want to do.

و لكل وجهة هو موليها
For every being, it is he who creates its direction.

Ahmed Salahuddin


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