Looking into Sumerian and other ancient civilization which used the crescent moon as their symbol of deity, it becomes clear that if man were to evolve at the rate of evolution, civilization would not have occurred for another 2 million years into the future.

So there is definitely a divine intervention, and according to alternative thinking on this matter, some 35,000 years ago.

The famous story in the Quran, when god announces to the Angels that he is to create man, the angels question this and ask are we not enough for you as we worship and obey you that you have to create man. And the Angels also mention and refer to ancient civilizations before man was created to god. And god says “I know what you do not know”

Interesting to note how Sumerians referred to the 12 gods and which later archeologists interpret that as the 12 celestial entities (planets or stars). And the word they use for the 12 is kakkab. The same you see in prophet Yusuf where he tells his dream to his father prophet Jacob “I see 12 kowkab bowing to me”
The 12 kakkab they refer to are:
Starting from the outer rim,
Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, mars, earth, moon, Venus, mercury, the sun and a Planet X.

I hope people can dive deeper into the words of the Quran and also relate it back to other civilizations.

When the Old Testament (Jewish texts) go into much deeper details into history of civilization, I’m pretty sure there are many stories inferred in the Quran as well. As it is also a much later and updated book of the people.

But to be able to understand the stories and inferences in the Quran, one must be willing to understand and research the world around us. So that when they come back to the Quran, many other things make sense.

There are great scholars such as Harun Yahya and others who were willing to explore this world, with an open mind and with good and true intention in the heart. And so they were able to identify the mentions of what they saw on the outer world within, the words of the Quran.

Dr hew Len once told me “assuming there is a god, I’m sure he listens and comes to the help as soon as asked”

Our belief in god protecting us has diminished vastly. And we are thrown by fear to stay within our cocoon or a box. A box of ideas and ideologies.

It’s important to realize much of our ideas emanate from where we belong. Or where we want to belong. While god is infinity. And rabbul Alameen. God of all the worlds. So why deny the world, and stay within our confines.

Having a strong faith and belief that once asked for protection, god will not let you go astray, one may then venture out and explore the unknown world.

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

Ahmed Salahuddin

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