I died!


I died!

I died, I said hey this is not so bad! What was everyone harping about! Then i realized, it’s worse for the people who witness a death, than for me, who had just died.

Then I looked around, and I wondered what now? Then I realized, why not move about?

So I got up, and sat up straight, and looked around.

Man this place is small, and tiny and tight! How do I get out of here? How? How? How?

That’s when I started to feel the torment, and claustrophobia all around.

And I prayed and I shouted! God pls save me, I’m in a tight spot!

Then I heard a voice “ahmed, you have sinned, there is no way out”

I felt the walls collapse around me, and I felt distraught!

I said “please please help me, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I knew not!”

This went on for about 6 days and the feeling of eternity was setting in. I couldn’t see a future other than this, and in that moment, I felt an eternity in torment!

On the 7th day, I heard a voice “what the heaven are you doing?” And I said “whoever you are, I’m sorry pls let me out”

“I’ve sinned, but I knew not. I knew, but perhaps you willed it. Whatever you want to hear, just let me out”

The voice replied, “oh stop it now, just move your hand about”

I said “I’m sorry I’m sorry, just let me go….what? Move my hands? What would that do? Why? What’s going on? How? Where? Who? What?”

The voice said again “oh get on with it!”

And I rambled a bit more, thats when the voice said “NOW!”

It was more of a boom, that scared even my fear out!

I said “ok fine, but will that stop my misery….ok ok no more questions, ill move my hands about”

And I lifted my palms from the wet ground, and pushed away the worms and insects, and I stopped just before it touched the decaying shroud.

I looked at my left hand, then I looked at my right.

“Wait a minute” I heard myself say, my right hand is right out of the shroud!

“What the hell, erm, heaven!” How did my hand go out thru that shroud?

And I pulled my right hand back in, and took a look at it, what seemed different this time around?

Knowing not to questions things anymore, I once again move my hands within the shroud.

I pulled my hands to my side, flexed my muscles, and tried to rip thru the shroud with all my might.

I felt no resistance! My hands went right out!

No resistance?! Not even a reaction against my action?! No there was not!

“What the heck (not hell or heaven) is going on here?” did my brain scramble about.

I sat up straight again, and I went right thru the shroud! No it didn’t rip, I just went thru it! And I got up and my head just came up the ground!

I looked around and there was no sign on the ground of messing about!

Then I pulled my leg up, and put it flat on the ground. And I did the same with the other leg, wow, I’m out and about!

So what was all that about? I asked myself

The voice said, and I “heard” it roll it’s eyes “just keep moving on”

“Haven’t I always told u, I’m always here, with open arms”

“You are your own enemy and you invented Ur own demons!”

“While I am formless, and go beyond”

“Beyond your wildest imaginations and your demons”

“So if you are ready,” “rolled” it’s eyes again, “just come along!”

“So I can show you what your 50 trillion inhabitants have coined”

“Listen, watch and experience and keep moving on”

“You are unto me, and without a doubt, to me you belong”

“So you ready? I show you suffering and merry go rounds!”

I said running behind it “don’t count me out!”

This is a very memorable dream that I had. Yes my dreams do appear in dr suess themes 🙂

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