I got a friend request from Angelina Jolie on Facebook

Last night I didn’t pray for my heart to keep beating and yet today it does.

So there’s obviously a plan for me from a higher source, regardless of what I want or don’t want.

A lot of the times my wants and don’t wants are dictated by my surrounding.

For example if I’m surrounded by people who all have iPhone 5, then I want iPhone 6s. Sad but true.

To clear our head from what we want and what we don’t want, and for whatever is right for us to happen, and for us to be able to adapt to that new event without fear so we can move and discover where we are headed. (Wow that’s a tall order).

Meditation is a great technique for that.

In the state of meditation all you are trying to do is allow for what the higher source is intending for you, rather than making demands on the higher source.

“I want that lambourghini! Also Bugatti! And maybe a Harley, ok if you are giving then also a private jet, and Angelina Jolie should send me a friend request on Facebook”

For some other more pious than me people out there, even for you divinity might want something other than what you want.







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