Everything in this world has an identity.

An atom has an identity. A cell that atoms makes has an identity. A body organ that cells make has an identity. The human being that organs make have an identity. The city that humans live in has an identity. The country that cities make has an identity. The continent that the countries make has an identity. The world and planet that continents make has an identity. The solar system that planets make has an identity. The galaxy that clusters…… And going on and on…

Ask your subconscious, what is the relationship it has with any or all of these identities. And ur subconscious will tell you what it wants to tell you.

And observe what it’s trying to tell you.

You have a relationship with everything. Which is why ur mind is a subjective mind. And ur perceptions and reactions are a result of that subjective mind.

So what you see is unique unto you.

Forget about group thinking, and the meanings behind the words. Ask your subjective mind what it’s trying to tell you.

Your subjective mind controls all the functions of your body. All the chemical reactions, the digestive system, the heart beat, anxieties, excitements, fear.

The biggest effort one can take is juhd of the Nafs. Constant effort. Moment to moment.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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