Inna Lillah


Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon

We are god’s, and unto him we return

What if we were in a deep sleep. And this sleep is called life. And when u die (maut al kubra) you awaken with god.

To understand what im going to say next, do a bit of homework on fractality of life. As above so below.

When you go to sleep (maut al sughra), its a common tradition to say “bismillahi amootu wa ahya”

In the name of Allah, I die and I am awakened.

So once you go into the dream state, or small death state, death of ego, self aware Conscious, you get in an altered state of reality/consciousness thru the release of DMT and other hormones in the body.

Once again you become conscious, of your surrounding in this dream state and time becomes a fluid concept. Going back and forth. You keep “rotating” thru time. Time being circular. And not linear.

As above so below.

When time being circular or cyclical is realized, it becomes clear what the benefits are of traveling back in time.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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