Inner World Vs. Outer World


What does Carl Jung and other who harp about the concept of inner world as opposed to the outer world actually mean?

Carl Jung says, “who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes”

The Buddha is also famous for saying “Look within

And Prophet mohammed says the biggest Jihad is Jihad al Nafs. The jihad with ones self.

Jihad here means effort. From the word juhd. Not battle or war.

So lets read it again, the prophet mohammed says “the biggest effort one can make is the effort on his own self”

The outer world is a world of confusion and illusion and maya in the words of the Hindus. Just when u start seeing a pattern, the pattern falls apart.

It’s a world of finite things. Things that finish. Something finish later than others, but it eventually comes to an end.

Kullu man alaiha faan

Whoever/whatever on it is finished

The inner world on the other hand is a world of reflection.

The move from the outer world to the inner world is a process made by easy by the following process:

To understand that whatever (everything and anything) you perceive beyond you is only a product of your subjective mind.

Once that practice becomes part and parcel of your moment to moment living, everything, only, becomes a reflection what’s going on in your Inner World!

So the constant effort (juhd) one makes to observe what his self is doing at that moment in reaction to the outer world, pushes the person beyond the event horizon of the outer world and into the inner world.

دار الفناء و دار البقاء
ثم تردون إلى عالم الغيب و الشهادة

The finite or finished state or the remaining state. The one which will remain.

And then (after death) you will be returned to the world of the unseen and observance

Ahmed Salahuddin

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