Inspired by a debate i saw on social media:

What a wonderful world I live in where it’s become easier to be able to see two, perhaps opposing, view points. Can’t say the same for perhaps a few years ago, where one slip of the tongue and off with someone’s head! Feels like being in a university environment where people feel free to discuss and nothing is too taboo, and no one is crazy, and everyone is. No riots get started. No one dies. We have a childlike outlook into the adult world. Of wondering how marvelous or how ridiculous things are. And when these thoughts become productions of any sorts, we have actually been able to fulfill Confucious saying: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”.

And when we are able to wonder about all this and wonder about our own reactions to the things around us then we can journey into the world of Lao Tzu’s: The still is the lord of the restless.

Incidentally, Confucius got a told off by Lao Tzu, lol:

At the farewell party held at the city gate, Lao Tzu said to him in a soft and clear voice, “Men of wealth give money as a gift on such an occasion while men of virtue and knowledge give advice. I had neither money nor virtue. Let me pretend as a man of knowledge only for the moment to say a few words to you, our honourable guest, Confucius. Firstly, what you are studying and teaching now is all from ancient men, who died a long time ago and even their bones have rotted away. Those written words are in fact only their footprints, neither their shoes nor their feet, let alone what was in their minds. Don’t regard their words as some sort of unbreakable dogma. Secondly, as a man of virtue and knowledge, you can have your own cart and live a luxurious life. If the time does not permit, it will be perfectly okay as long as you can manage to survive. Thirdly, once I was told of an old saying: a good merchant does not show his goods and a man of utmost virtue is always simple. It will do you good if you cut off your pride, get rid of your greed, reduce your haughtiness, throw away some of your ambitions. It will serve your family better, and it will serve your state better if you are not too stubborn no matter whenever, wherever, and whatever.”

Ahmed Salahuddin


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