Judgement Machine

judgmentJudgement making machine

We are judgement making machines. We churn them by the min by the second by the milli second.

Perhaps It’s our mental make up.

When one can accept that it’s the sub conscious which is coming up with these judgements, we can go into an observational perspective, rather than take on the identity of those judgements.

We can perhaps also re educate the subconscious by having that chat with it.

Instead of that if we take on the identity of the judgements, we then become governed by it. And then it manifests around us in whatever scale.

The ha breathing is one such process that pushes us into the observational mode, and another process which is quite simple:

All you need to is listen to what the sub conscious is throwing at you at that moment and acknowledge it. And thank it for sharing it with you.

“Thank you, I love you for sharing it with me”

And as practice of this conversation between yourself and the subconscious goes on, the sub conscious goes further and further into a calmer state. And shocks to the system when difficulties arise gets minimized.

Happy experimenting

Ahmed Salahuddin

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