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Rumi says that there is a miracle going on every moment. While there are many miracles going on at any moment, the miracle that he is referring to is the inner voice speaking to us all the time. If one can tune-in into this inner voice, one would be able to experience some unbelievable things. When one has an experience of the unseen and comes to true realisation, a part of us becomes a true believer.

Having said all this when one has the realisation of the unseen and all that is, the rational mind tries to interpret that realisation from its subjective context (reality). When I say subjective concept I refer to the reality of the realised (enlightened person). So when one listens to the enlightened talk, only a fraction of that is referring to the unseen and all that is. The rest is just mumbo jumbo, that is very significant to that enlightened person and perhaps not for you.

The great philosophers of Greece like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras realised and knew that the ultimate knowledge is: knowledge of knowledge. This refers to seeking knowledge of the source of knowledge. And this pursuit is a life long moment to moment pursuit. Because when one seeks knowledge of knowledge, there is a shift in consciousness and and in your reality on to a different dimension. A dimension in which as Rumi says is a field beyond right and wrong.

I’m going to come back to the original point, the newly enlightened being is still inexperienced, in that, the rational mind analyses their enlightenment and their realisations and their visions from their dominant reality perspective. While their realisations, enlightenment, and visions are experiences of what is. This is very important, as there is no you, I, thinking mind, rational mind in the what is.

As one enlightened seeker says; “my definition of spirituality has been many different things over the course of my life. But wonderment and awe of all that is, is my unlabelled spirituality.” As you can see this is the statement of a seasoned veteran spiritualist. Not by someone who has a few visions and a few experiences and then starts to throw down rules, identities and labels for one’s self and for others around them.

Let’s talk about the dominant reality. The dominant reality in one’s perception is by far the biggest obstacle to them in being in a state of awe and wonderment. I loosely quotte albeit Einstein and paraphrase : “Your reality is what you perceive it. This is not philosophy but actually physics.”

How does one let go of their dominant reality so as to being in a state of wonderment and awe of all that is?
This is where we come back to rumi who says the miracle of life is that your inner is constantly talking to u, if only you would listen. So the catch twenty two situation here is that one must pay extra attention to the inner voice within, but at the same time stop judging the feed back they are getting because the inner voice is just trying to show millions of years of programming and labelling. When you start judging the communication from the inner voice you create a new reality where all your doing is analysing and rationalising and labelling; Instead of being in a state of wonderment and beauty. And this new reality becomes your unique ego.

This is also called mental constipation.

There is new physics that suggests the act of observing the inner communication, and just observing alone -perhaps you could call it loving observation ie no labels and judgements, you are sending your observation waves (wave length, frequencies) to the frequency and the wave that is communicating with you. And thus your waves (the observer’s) nullify the communicating waves (the observed’s) and neutralises the effects of your dominant reality. Quite a handful to understand.

Let’s simplify this – what is being observed is sending out waves to you. And those waves affect your life. And the way you behave. Just like the proximity of the moon effect the waves of the sea. But then you observe back what needs to be observed with loving wonderment, the waves of your observation cancels out the wave of what is being observed.

Watch this video to understand how you do not even have free will and that there are different areas in your body and brain that subconsciously make you do whatever you do. All the While you are under the impression that it is of your own free will.

This loving observation of the inner voice moment to moment and every moment act, is a form of servitude to this inner voice.
The Hadith al qudsi says, god says: nothing in this world can contain me except the believers heart. God also says: I have created the human and the jinn kind only to be in servitude to me. Modammed bin Abdullah says: in this context worship refers to knowing. So let us read this with the valuable key that he had given. “I have created the human and the jinn kind only to know me”

Let’s see the comparison between the Hadith al Qudsi and knowing god. The Hadith al qudsi says that god says: Only the believers heart can contain god. The Quranic verse says god has only created you to know him. How can we tie these two together. The key lies in another Hadith that Mohammed Ibn Abdullah says “who knows himself knows his god.”. Similar to what Socrates said: Know Thyself.

How does one observe and clean and nullify and neutralise the effect of their dominant reality, to be in a state of wonderment and awe of all that is?

Ahmed S


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