Knowledge Seeker


Prophet Mohammed Had said:

“itlubu al ilma walaw fisseen”

Seek knowledge even if its in china.

We all know that china at the time of the prophet was not a Muslim society. And so knowledge from China would not have been islamically filtered. Knowledge is knowledge. Some might classify it as good knowledge or bad knowledge. It’s more about how you use this knowledge, that it then becomes good or bad or ugly or whatever. There is a joke about the famous emperor Akbar and his prime minister Birbal: So at akbar’s court, a poet was reciting poetry in praise of Akbar, and he praised him so much that he praised him beyond god! So Akbar stopped him. And Akbar was known to ask his courtiers difficult questions, perhaps to make them squirm :). So Akbar asked his courtiers “now you tell me, who is greater, me or god?” The courtiers were in a fix. If they say you are greater then Akbar punishes them, maybe. And if they say god is greater, and Akbar might get angry. So they all felt, the best way is to put Birbal in this situation, so he gets screwed over. A lot of them were jealous of Birbal’s friendship with Akbar. They said “jahanpanah, Birbal is the best man to ask about this” So Akbar called Birbal. “Birbal, who is greater, me or god?” Birbal answered “you of course” And Akbar said, “what?! How dare you blaspheme against god?” Birbal said, “jahanpanah, if you decide to exile one of your subjects you can send him out of your kingdom, but god cannot do that, so ur great.” This silenced Akbar, and he was put in his place (very gently) What I’m trying to convey is that there is nothing in this world that is not in gods kingdom or realm. What we do with that knowledge, or how we treat ourselves or our surrounding with that knowledge. That’s the important thing. So seek knowledge without any judgement or pre conceived notions. Ask god for protection before u seek the knowledge. So that what’s right for you for the moment comes to you

Ahmed Salahuddin

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