I’m told that the Quran has many layers of meanings. So it’s up to learned people to dive deep into this.

After prophet Mohammed died, there were a few of such divers, and the prophets companions used to ask them to get a better understanding of the verse, which was not clear or where it wasn’t understood in what context. So the sahaba used to tell these people “ghoos” (dive in Arabic.

This brings imagery of “kul low kana al bahru midaadan likalimaati rabbi, la nafida al bahru, qabla an yanfatha kalimaatu rabbi..”

Here is an article by my friend Majid zakariya, he is one of my many gurus 🙂 and who is one Such modern day divers:

The word Azaab The word Azaab, in arabic means punishment. A friend once pointed out to me, that all arabic words can be simplified to a three letter word. For example: Aalim – a la ma Hameed – ha ma da Khaaliq – kha la qa Razzaaq – ra za qa And he gave me an example to get me started. The word thawaab, in arabic means good points. As in when you do a good deed, you get thawaab (positive points to his/her credit) for the here after. So, if you give money to the poor you get thawaab. If you bring up your children well, you get thawaab. You treat your wife and family well you get thawaab. So my friend told me, what’s the three letter word for thawaab. And I told him it tha wa ba. Which also means to make a cloth. So he told me to look at it from another way. Imagine you got to sticthing and haphazardly or carelessly stitched a piece of cloth, then you would have a very poor quality of material. And if you really put your whole and soul into it, then you could even end up with a masterpiece. And so he applied it to the word thawaab. Our current point system in the muslim world says that you get so many points for doing this and so many points for doing that. But imagine if the work was done in a haphazard or careless manner, would that be equivalent to someone putting all their efforts into it. I took his way of looking at words and applied it to the word Azaab. The word Azaab, can be simplified to Aa Za Ba. From those three letter we can also form the word Azb. Now here is the twist. While Azaab means punishment, Azb means pure. I’m quite convinced now that, god’s only intention to punish us is, is to purify us from the impurities. And let’s not forget, fire is used by us to purify many things

Ahmed Salahuddin

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