Balil insaanu ala nafsihi baseera

Farji il basara karratain yanqalibu ilaika al basaru

What is baseera or basar

Vision. Observance.

Your reality gets altered by your study. So go back and observe what has happened.

The act of observing is a wavelength emanating from one self, onto the wavelength of what we observe.

The brain during the dream state does this automatically for us. It superimposes our current state to all the the wavelengths experienced.

Farji il basara karrataini yanqalibu ilaikal basara

Look again and yet again. Observe again and yet again. That ur observance and judgement overturns.

Look. Just look. And also observe your many judgements one after the other.

This is a good example of divinity ordering creation to re look things.

Wa ma khalaqtu al jinna wal insa illa liabudoon.

I have created the Human and the jinn only to worship.

Following the command of re looking is following an order. The order is to observe. It becomes a form of worship.

It’s interesting to note, for Pythagoras, the role of observation and reflection was an integral part of his brotherhood.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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