Quantum Physics


Cognitive dissonance, in my opinion can also be looked at thru the eyes of quantum physics. If something is viewed from one view point, then the object or situation or emotion is seen as precisely one thing. When it is looked at from many view points, the same thing can become a multitude of things. We have 3 categories of people. People who are right brained. People who are left brained. And people who see using both their left and right brain capacity. In my opinion using both these sides of the brain shows a more wider spectrum, than a narrow view point. Some call it the male aspect and the female aspect and union of both.

When one observes with the ego, could be mild ego or could be healthy ego, one or the other view exists. When one’s ego dies, the observance shows a multitude of possibilities. And the observer feels a connection to the infinite of possibilities.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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