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My sister from thailand, Shafeeka (inshallah in our next life time we are born as brother and sister, but in this time, she is a good sis), is a very smart individual. who has a capacity to think out of the box. anyways, she asked a very nice question:

According to Albert Einstein, to travel into the future, we must approach the speed of light. To travel into the past, we must surpass the speed of light. So there is no travelling bck in time. Pls explain.

My reply:

You are right. lets look at the paradox. Time travel couldn’t be possible because u could theoretically go back in time and kill yourself, and then there won’t be a future you. But if there isn’t a future you, then how did u go back in time. So it’s a paradox. But a paradox does not mean that it doesn’t work, it means there are no intelligent ways of being able to properly explain it, for the moment.

In The blog post I had posted a video about a scientist who theorizes and visualizes time travel and talks about it abstractly.

and thru this abstract thought they come out with other discoveries. It’s about opening up the mind to all possibilities.

Quantum computing which is now gonna be faster by a thousand times as compared to regular computer is one among many products of abstract thought.

But coming back to time travel. So what nassim haramein, a great spiritual scientist, discovered or theorized was is that although the earth revolves around the sun, our entire solar system is also hurtling thru space. Well the solar system is circling the Milky Way, but the Milky Way itself is hurtling thru space. and so is planet earth. Think of it like a blender, while blending fruits you then throw the blender, so now the fruits are not only rotating around the blade of the blender but its also traveling in space.

So here is the big idea, the motion all this makes is called the vortex. So what he explains here is that earth leaves a trail in space. So where it was in 2001 is not where it is in 2013. So he said to go back to the point (2001) in time in the trail from today, one travels in their minds imagination in a vortex fashion back to that point.

And the reason he said that is because of this profound spiritual statement by many greats in the world:
“What you are today is the sum total of your past experiences”

So the reason for him to travel back in that fashion was to get there more efficiently and observe the action that causes his current reactive behavior. So a few people have now adopted, this fashion of travel when they do psychotherapy thru hypno therapy. And they have found some great results.

It is not a be all end all scenario it’s a discovery and a solution for the time being.

Don’t hate the playa, try to solve the game!

Ahmed Salahuddin

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