Three Dimensions


We all know the three dimensions of space. Or The spatial dimension.

We have all seen 2 d pictures. And we have seen 3d pictures. Or movies.

So 3d is the depth incorporated into 2d. So it has volume now.

These dimensions are related to space. There are said to be many dimensions, but a well known one, other than these three dimensions is the time dimension. And just like these three dimensions can each be measured seperately, time too can be measured separately. SPACE TIME Is the dimension of time on a 3d object, image, or movie. That’s all it is to space time. Once this is understood, it’s easier to understand Einsteins theory of relativity. Einsteins theory when it arrived, superseded Isaac newtons theory of mechanics. Because Einstein added the relationship between any object(s) and the observer of this object(s). But coming back to time dimension, it is measurable and on a different dimensional plane, but it can permeate each one of the three planes. So although separate it can become one with it. Now there are many other dimensions. I don’t know in which dimension dark matter or dark energy exists in. Did u know in the known universe, only four percent is matter (all known three dimensional objects) And the rest is made up of 26 percent of dark matter, and 70 percent of dark energy

Ahmed Salahuddin

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