Try Ha Breathing technique, Simple!


Ha Breathing:

Ha breathing is a cleansing tool, to release data and memory from the auric/ethereal body as well as the physical body.

Its learnt from experimenting with mice in the lab, that animals and human store memories even in the muscles and not only in the brain.

to give an example, if a person was abused by his parent as a child, every time they see that parent, their muscles tense. or the body could go into attack mode, as though a wounded animal ready either to flee or fight.

This applies to all other experiences. and interestingly, not only do u carry your own memories from the time in the womb, you also carry ancestral memory.

So imagine all the abuses and in justices that one would be carrying in their system.

and so instead of being open to the surrounding and be able to interact with it in whats right for the moment, you would be acting out of old data.

Ha breathing is known to release a lot of unresolved memories and data in our system (Physical, ethereal, meta physical bodies). Its a process of requesting divinity to clean on issues known or unknown in our system. These memories might be a cause of a lot of imbalances that we experience in life or as life.

Ha breathing:

sit in a chair comfortably, with back comfortably upright. Put both hands in the lap. with thumb, index finger and middle finger touching,

inhale for 7 counts
hold for 7 counts
exhale for 7 counts
hold for 7 counts

this is one round of breathing. and do 7 rounds.
The counting of the 7 can be done fast or slow, and done in the head.

this is a process of willing to let go, and letting divinity take over.

God Says in the quran, Im closer to you than your jugular vein.

so take this unlimited time offer, and start cleansing 🙂


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