Ur shoulders!


A lot of the times the muscles in your shoulders react to situations before you do.

Being a product of the reaction of your amygdala, the shoulders tense up.

So try this, anytime anywhere:

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, bring your attention to your shoulders and see if they are relaxed or they are tense.

Some people might think that relaxed shoulders is slouching. Lets leave that thought behind for just one day. For The day that u decide to observe what ur shoulders are doing.

The constant tensing of these muscles in reaction to things you are not even aware of, is the cause for a lot of other related problems, because of the connectivity of the muscles.

So, simple, whatever ur doing, walking down the street, sitting in a meeting, trading the market like me, just observe your shoulders, and relax it when ur feeling the shoulders tense up.

You will be surprised how less control over your body you have.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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