Wanna agree with the guy next to you?


String theory suggests the existence of a multiverse. String theory also suggests one possible way of our universe’s creation is the fusing of two or more universes.

Now each of these universes, could have their own set of rules and laws and even time.

The person sitting next to you may not necessarily adhere to your rules and your limitations or abundances. Because they might not be able to. And they are perfect in their own universe.

So just work on yourself. You are unique. And the person next to you is a Martian 🙂 so don’t tell him how to eat pray and love. Just focus on your own rules. And think about your rules and limitation. Whether they are god made or man made or yourself made.

For me this reasoning explains the esoteric saying “with what eyes do you see the world around you, my love, that you see anything but perfection”

Add quantum entanglement into this equation And you realize why some people resonate with you more than others.

Ahmed Salahuddin

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